Saturday, June 12, 2010

Global Day of Action: Call for Release of Iranian Baha'i Leaders

One of United4Iran's photo billboards has been launched in London, England. It features the image of the seven Baha'i leaders and the slogan, "Unjustly jailed for their religion." -- Baha'i Media. News story from Baha'i International Community

Today's Global Day of Action -- an initiative coordinated by United4Iran and cosponsored by many nongovernmental organizations such as Amnesty International and the Baha'i International Community. Global Day of Action calls for Iran to release seven Baha'i leaders held for 20 months without charges, and to end human rights abuses in Iran. Simultaneous events are being hosted in cities and on campuses around the globe by local, student and Internet-based groups. See video of some events here.
Photos from video footage - Baha'i Media. News from Baha'i International Community

Images of the seven imprisoned Baha'is featured prominently in the United4Iran march through the streets of New Delhi, India. The photos show the peaceful procession led by social activist and spiritual leader, Swami Agnivesh, through the streets of New Delhi yesterday, on the eve of the fourth court hearing for the imprisoned Baha'is. Campaigners carried banners and placards depicting the seven Baha'i leaders, jailed without charge in Tehran's Evin prison for 20 months. 

The initiative in India captured my attention. Not only the procession, but the fact that India's diverse religious leaders -- such as Swami Agnivesh and the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Delhi, expressed the same call for love, tolerance, and justice. It reminds me of one of my favorite short videos, set in India, which highlights both the religious diversity of that vast country and the wisdom of its diverse religious leaders. It is one of the video gems from Let me share it with you here:  One Common Faith | .

And in the spirit of love and justice, whatever your Faith, please keep the seven Iranian Baha'i leaders in your prayers.

More Photos & Report on Global Day of Action here.


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